Lighthouse International Film Festival Announces Full 2015 Lineup
Seventh Annual Festival to Open With NJ Premiere of Documentary FINDERS KEEPERS

Long Beach Island, NJ- May 12, 2015

The Lighthouse International Film Festival (LIFF) has announced the complete lineup for its seventh annual event, which will take place June 4-7, 2015 on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The festival will open with Finders Keepers, directed by Bryan Carberry and Clay Tweel, a fascinating and hilarious documentary that follows the ownership battle over one man's severed leg that was accidentally bought at a storage locker auction.

"Bryan and Clay have made a timely, topical, funny and heartfelt film about an extraordinary situation. While at first glance it seems more than slightly incredible, and a simple topic to skewer, they don't take the easy path and it is their devotion to understanding the motivations of their subjects and finding the humanity, the hopes and aspirations within each man that allow the film to reach its moments of transcendence. At the same time, they provide the perspective to let viewers understand and appreciate how exactly such a situation could spin so wildly out of control, serving up a critique of the shortcomings of the ever-present media cycle and our culture's constant obsession with fame. I'm extremely excited to bring this film to Long Beach Island to open this year's festival and initiate the dialogue between the filmmakers and our audience," says Eric Johnson, Executive Director of LIFF. "I think Bryan and Clay have made a terrific, memorable film that will be talked about among our festival audience for years and Finders Keepers is a perfect way to begin our seventh year of championing independent filmmakers."

Finders Keepers will open LIFF on June 4th, at the Long Beach Island Foundation for the Arts and Sciences in Loveladies on Long Beach Island, NJ, with a filmmaker Q&A following the screening. LIFF will again present two Centerpiece Films in 2015, with the East Coast premiere of Onur Tukel's hilarious, creative-partnership-on-the-skids comedy Abby Singer, Songwriter screening as the Narrative Centerpiece on Friday, June 5th with director Tukel and lead actor Jamie Block on hand and Block providing a live music show following the screening. The Documentary Centerpiece is the rousing, touching ping-pong documentary Top Spin which follows the quest of three teenagers to make the US Olympic table tennis team and will unspool on Saturday, June 6th with co-director Sara Newens in attendance, followed by an exhibition with some of the world's top ping-pong players. LIFF will close on Sunday, June 7th with Applesauce, director Onur Tukel's second feature film in the festival. The film, a satirical comedy/drama that premiered at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, follows two couples through spiraling hilarity and marital unrest after they begin to ask one another what is the worst thing each of them has ever done.

Inspired by the historic Barnegat Lighthouse, which has beckoned travelers to LBI since 1859, LIFF has emerged as New Jersey's leading international film festival. The festival will feature award-winning films from countries around the world, as well as nightly parties and panel discussions.

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FINDERS KEEPERS - Bryan Carberry*, Clay Tweel, USA (NJ Premiere)
A hit at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, FINDERS KEEPERS tells a story so wild, so bizarre, so utterly unique that if it were fiction, no one would believe it could happen. But it did. After buying the contents of a storage locker in his North Carolina town, Shannon Wisnant was surprised to discover a human foot stored in a smoker therein. When the rightful owner of the severed appendage wants it back, Shannon refuses, sensing a Golden Ticket opportunity to capitalize on his discovery, seeing visions of fame and fortune. As the battle for the foot gears up, hilarity ensues, with everyone from the legal system, to the media to the residents of North Carolina and beyond taking sides. Proving that truth is often much, much stranger than fiction, this hilarious, engaging and ultimately touching film with a heart of gold will leave you vowing to keep track of your own body parts. IN ATTENDANCE (expected): Co-director Bryan Carberry. (90m, USA)


ABBY SINGER, SONGWRITER - Onur Tukel*, USA (East Coast Premiere)
A comedy with real heart, Abby Singer, Songwriter tells the tale of a filmmaker and a musician who meet and start working together in a union that at times seems the most ill-fated creative partnership in history. Luckily for us, it's also one of the funniest, as terrible music video ideas come to life, recurring jokes land perfectly and don't hold back on political correctness and the film builds layer upon layer of character driven conundrums to form its perfect NYC-set universe. Featuring real-life musician Jamie Block and real-life director Onur Tukel playing fictionalized versions of themselves, the film is a throwback to great independent films as a unique story and structure pay off in spades. As Jamie tries to survive Onur and make a real connection with his daughters he must also face the prospect that the two things are becoming increasingly, hilariously intertwined. IN ATTENDANCE: Director Onur Tukel, star Jamie Block (with accompanying musical performance post-screening).


TOP SPIN - Sara Newens*, Mina T. Son, USA.
The struggle of an Olympic athlete is well-known and while most would not think that those engaging in competition at table tennis would go through as much as more traditional athletes, this terrific film by co-directors Sara Newens and Mina T. Son proves otherwise. Structured as a traditional sports film building to its end battle - in this case the Summer Olympics - the film captures the struggle that these athletes, many of whom are high school students, face in the quest to reach their goals. As quick-paced and engaging as the game of table tennis itself, this chronicle of two girls and one boy intent on battling the world's best as severe underdogs brings new understanding to a beloved sport, and those who play it. IN ATTENDANCE: Co-director Sara Newens as well as several of the world's top table tennis players.


APPLESAUCE - Onur Tukel*, USA (NJ Premiere)
What is the worst thing that you have ever done? This simple question is at the crux of a conversation between two couples at dinner one night when one of them admits his worst deed and sends each person into a spiral of hilarity and paranoia as they confront their own missteps. Bonds of trust are broken, re-formed and broken again as Max Casella (Inside Llewyn Davis), Jennifer Prediger , Onur Tukel (also directing) and Trieste Kelly Dunn circle one another, trying to figure out who they can count on and why you can never trust the delivery guy. Applesauce, which premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, perfectly mingles comedy, drama in a quick-talking, fast-moving satire that will keep you waiting for the next surprise to appear. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that people aren't out to get you. IN ATTENDANCE: Director Onur Tukel, cast members.


Call Me Lucky, Bobcat Goldthwait, USA
Catch Me Daddy, Daniel Wolfe, UK (NJ Premiere)
Sam Klemke's Time Machine, Matthew Bate, Australia (NJ Premiere)
The Tribe, Miroslav Slaboshpitsky, Ukraine
When Animals Dream, Jonas Alexander Arnby, Denmark (NJ Premiere)

Desire In New York - Ahmed Ziari*, USA (East Coast Premiere)
I Am A Knife With Legs - Bennett Jones*, USA (NJ Premiere)
Odd Brodsky - Cindy Baer, USA (NJ Premiere)
Philosopher King, The - Rouzbeh Noori, Canada, Sweden (NJ Premiere)
Runoff - Kimberly Levin, USA (NJ Premiere)
Safelight - Tony Aloupis*, USA (East Coast Premiere)
Wildlike - Frank Hall Green, USA (NJ Premiere)


Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South - Dena Seidel*, Antarctica, USA
Boogaloo: The Life and Times of a Middleweight Contender - Liam Mulvey*, USA (NJ Premiere)
Far From Home Galen Knowles, Argentina, Canada, Italy, USA, Uganda (NJ Premiere)
Little People, Big Dreams - Mak CK, Singapore, China (NJ Premiere)
Search For Freedom, The - Jon Long, Canada (NJ Premiere)
Sex and Broadcasting - Tim K. Smith*, USA
Welcome To Angkar (Angkar Va Vous Recevoir) - Christophe Haman, France (NJ Premiere)

*Filmmakers expected to attend screening


2028 O Filme - Jorge Mendes, Brazil
A Spring Has Passed By - Eva Daoud, Bahrain
American Renaissance - Jarred Alterman, Ryan Scafuro, USA
Blunderbus - Ash Lewis*, USA
Brigade de Cuisine - Javier Arcelus Cano, Mexico
Comic Book Heaven - E.J. McLeavey-Fisher*, USA
Dangle, The - Michael E. Ravitch*, USA
Dive - Nicole Haran*, USA
Dynamic Double Standard - Luke Patton, USA
Ella At the Library - Samantha Garland*, USA
Everything All At Once - Eleanor Wilson*, USA
Flat Brim - Tom Bentey*, USA
Grace - Chris Ordal*, USA
Helio - Teddy Cecil*, USA
Jump Into My Arms - Rex Carter*, USA
Knives - Aaron David DeFazio*, USA
Laces - Jenny McQuaile*, USA, Liberia
Learning to Be Fearless - Kristin Adair, USA
Liberty - Rosanne Limoncelli*, USA
Lifeline - dir. Jeffery Wang, USA
Luis Eyre - Alien Invader - James Skerritt , UK
The Palooka - Perry Martin, USA
Pauline - dir. Zachary Kline*, USA
Pink Grapefruit - dir. Michael Mohan, USA
Rat Slayer of Hillside, NJ, The - Andrew Keogh Ruotolo*, USA
Return - Joshua Paige*, USA
Runaway Overture - Adam Grannick*, USA
Scales - Morgane Becerril* , USA
Scrabble - Cristian Sulser, Switzerland
Simpler Times - Steve Monarque*, USA
Skateboarding's First Wave - Don Burgess, USA
Social Innovators of South Africa - Lebogang Rasethaba, Rowan Pybus, South Africa
Somos Amigos - Carlos Solano Perez, Spain
Spearhunter - Adam Roffman* & Luke Poling, USA
Stag - Kevin Newbury*, USA
Tobacco Burn - Justin Liberman*, USA
Tom In America - Flavio Alves*, USA
Un Jour de Lucidite - Sarah Barbault, Emilie Barbault, France
Una Mujer Sin Precio - Alaric Rocha, USA
Unbelievers, The - Rachel Carey*, USA
Whiskey Treaty Roadshow, The - Timothy Bradley*, USA
Winter's Hold - dir. Ian Voglesong*, USA
Wrinkled Lines and Long Strokes - dir. Leroy Farrell*, USA

*Filmmakers expected to attend screening About the Lighthouse International Film Festival

The Lighthouse International Film Festival was founded in 2008 by a collection of filmmakers, film critics and film industry professionals who share a passion for film and wanted to create an event aimed first and foremost at film enthusiasts. Taking place on Long Beach Island, NJ -- one of the East Coast's most popular surfing destinations -- the festival celebrates three days of new, exciting and challenging films in honor of Long Beach Island's historic Barnegat Lighthouse

Our Mission and Objective
The Lighthouse International Film Festival is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to showcasing new and innovative films and fostering the next generation of filmmakers. The festival offers three days of films, panels, Q&A's, networking, parties and surfing, and draws some of the industry's top film critics, producers and distributors. The festival also seeks to serve the community by presenting unique programs that inspire, engage and challenge a diverse audience through the art of film.

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