The Lighthouse International Film Festival Invites You to Meet the Filmmakers!
Long Beach Island, NJ- May 20, 2015

Long Beach Island, NJ- June 4th-7th, 2015- The Lighthouse International Film Festival is proud to announce an award-winning collection of films as well as a very special opportunity for film lovers to meet the filmmakers. One of the most fascinating things about participating in the Film festival is that we will be having over thirty filmmakers attending. They will make themselves available for Q & A after the screenings of their films. Be they feature length, narratives, documentaries or shorts--all these inspired filmmakers will give us the opportunity to ask questions about the creative process and the business of making movies. Come on down to LBI for the weekend and enjoy this very unique film experience. Here is a list of all the filmmakers that are expected to attend this year's Lighthouse International Film Festival.
*Feature-Filmmakers Expected to Attend

Finders Keepers- dir. by Bryan Carberry, Clay Tweel.
A hit at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, Finders Keepers tells a story so wild, so bizarre, so utterly unique that if it were fiction, no one would believe it could happen. But it did. After buying the contents of a storage locker in his North Carolina town, Shannon Wisnant was surprised to discover a human foot stored in a smoker therein. When the rightful owner of the severed appendage wants it back, Shannon refuses, sensing a Golden Ticket opportunity to capitalize on his discovery, seeing visions of fame and fortune. As the battle for the foot gears up, hilarity ensues, with everyone from the legal system, to the media to the residents of North Carolina and beyond taking sides. Proving that truth is often much, much stranger than fiction, this hilarious, engaging and ultimately touching film with a heart of gold will leave you vowing to keep track of your own body parts. IN ATTENDANCE (expected): Co-director Bryan Carberry.

Abby Singer-Songwriter - dir. Onur Tukel
A comedy with real heart, Abby Singer, Songwriter tells the tale of a filmmaker and a musician who meet and start working together in a union that at times seems the most ill-fated creative partnership in history. Luckily for us, it's also one of the funniest, as terrible music video ideas come to life, recurring jokes land perfectly and don't hold back on political correctness and the film builds layer upon layer of character driven conundrums to form its perfect NYC-set universe. Featuring real-life musician Jamie Block and real-life director Onur Tukel playing fictionalized versions of themselves, the film is a throwback to great independent films as a unique story and structure pay off in spades. As Jamie tries to survive Onur and make a real connection with his daughters he must also face the prospect that the two things are becoming increasingly, hilariously intertwined. IN ATTENDANCE: Director Onur Tukel, star Jamie Block (with accompanying musical performance post-screening)

Top Spin - Dir. by Sara Newens and Mina T. Son
The struggle of an Olympic athlete is well-known and while most would not think that those competitors engaging in competition at table tennis would go through as much as more traditional athletes, this terrific film by co-directors Sara Newens and Mina T. Son proves otherwise. Structured as a traditional sports film building to its end battle - in this case the Summer Olympics - the film captures the struggle that these athletes, many of whom are high school students, face in the quest to reach their goals. As quick-paced and engaging as the game of table tennis itself, this chronicle of two girls and one boy intent on battling the world's best as severe underdogs brings new understanding to a beloved sport, and those who play it. IN ATTENDANCE: Co-director Sara Newens as well as several of the world's top table tennis players. (80m, USA)

Desire In New York - dir. Ahmed Ziari*
When Karen's strong personality collides with her sexual addiction, she has to take a closer look at her relationship with her estranged son. Featuring a terrific lead performance by Jennifer Gegan, this NYC-set film is a throwback to classic, intimate independent films unafraid to look closely at the seamier side of life and the repercussions of such indulgences. (65m, USA)

*Narrative/Documentary-Filmmakers Expected to Attend

Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South - dir. Dena Seidel*
In the wake of devastating climate events like Superstorm Sandy, NJ-based oceanographer Oscar Schofield teams up with a group of world-class researchers in a race to understand climate change in the fastest winter-warming place on earth: the West Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South captures some of the most stunning footage of Antarctica ever put to film. Facing impossibly difficult conditions in a virtually unknown part of the world, they struggle against the elements to show how shrinking ice at the South Pole affects climates worldwide and documenting the plight of the Adelie penguins. Gripping, powerful and an urgent call to action. (72m, Antarctica, USA)

Boogaloo: The Life and Times of a Middleweight Contender - dir. Liam Mulvey*
Bobby 'Boogaloo' Watts the first fighter to beat Marvelous Marvin Hagler. A fighter out of Philadelphia who took a winding road from South Carolina to the mean streets of Philly, this film tells the tale of how he fought his way to the top of his sport only to be denied a shot at the world title and the unlikely turn of events in his life that followed. (106m, USA)

Far From Home - dir. Galen Knowles*
What do snowboarding, medical school and Uganda have in common? The answer is Brolin Mawejje. This intimate film follows Brolin in his journey to become Africa's first Olympic snowboard competitor, documenting the struggles of his past, the pressures of his future and the intense reality of competition - both in snowboarding and in his pre-med studies - that engulfs his present as he rallies the support of an entire nation in his quest to make history for the African continent. (74m, Argentina, Canada, Italy, USA, Uganda)

Safelight - dir. Tony Aloupis*
Safelight opens with a tense scene in which LIFF alumni Juno Temple (2012 Centerpiece Film Little Birds) is threatened by her boyfriend/pimp and Evan Peters (X-Men: Days of Future Past, American Horror Story) intervenes, putting himself at risk for a girl he doesn't really know. Thus begins their story and Safelight seamlessly weaves these two together as they form an unlikely travel duo, seeking lighthouses up the California coast to photograph. Director Tony Aloupis perfectly captures a moment in life when everything seems possible, with a pitch-perfect eye to period detail and story. Featuring tremendous performances, including a memorable supporting turn from Christine Lahti (Chicago Hope), Safelight promises, and delivers, on its potential for greatness. (84m, USA)

Sex and Broadcasting - dir. Tim K. Smith*
An American tale of life, liberty and independent radio, this tale of New Jersey's WFMU goes in depth, revealing the world's most unique station and Ken Freedman's attempt to keep it going in the face of persistent threats to its very existence. Featuring a wild cast of characters all bound by their love of the independent spirit that WFMU nurtures, the film gives exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes battles that rage to keep independence alive in New Jersey. (78m, USA)

LIFF 2015 Short Films

*Filmmaker expected to attend

Blunderbus - dir. Ash Lewis*
Two life long friends on the verge of adulthood live in a tent to save money for a cross country road trip planned since childhood. Just before they leave, unpleasant truths emerge that threaten to destroy everything. (26m, USA)

Comic Book Heaven - dir. E.J. McLeavey-Fisher*
This short documentary follows 81 year old Joe Leisner, owner of Comic Book Heaven in Sunnyside, Queens, NY as he cantankerously assesses the status of his business, the comic book industry, and his future. (12m, USA)

The Dangle - dir. Michael E. Ravitch*
When down on his luck American spy Tom Ryder comes face to face with the world's greatest mercenary in 1975 Moscow he decides to take matters into his own hands... but she has other plans. (20m, USA)

Dive - dir. Nicole Haran*
Dive -- a jilted lover, an eccentric barmaid, a hapless robber, and a hopeless romantic collide on a night when "taking a chance" offers more than any of them had bargained for. (10m, USA)

Ella At the Library - dir. Samantha Garland*
When a type A student discovers she is missing a crucial book for her dissertation, she is forced to confront a tough-as-nails librarian. (8m, USA)

Flat Brim - dir. Tom Bentey*
On his thirtieth birthday, a mysterious, suburban spirit brings Mike Tingley a message. (15m, USA)

Grace - dir. Chris Ordal*
When her boss makes a decision that affects her ability to appear in family court, Janice has to face her addiction demons and choose whether to stay clean through adversity or 'screw it' and use. Grace follows Janice as she tries to do the right thing for herself and her daughter. (15m, USA)

Helio - dir. Teddy Cecil*
One worker sparks a revolution when he attempts to break free of his dystopian underworld. (20m, USA)

Jump Into My Arms - dir. Rex Carter*
A devoted, lounge-act duo create beautiful melodies together, but their happiness on-stage belies a darker reality behind the curtain. Through the turmoil, the spirit of their music keeps them united. Jump Into My Arms features an original song, written specifically for the film, that serves as the only voice for the couple's yearning and regret. (8m, USA)

Knives - dir. Aaron David DeFazio*
After a string of brutal murders occurs in his suburban town,Ryan, a curious shopping cart collector, investigates a suspicious knife sharpening truck and its cagey owner. (15m, USA)

Laces - dir. Jenny McQuaile*
Laces is the story of a heroic team of African soccer coaches, changing the face of Liberia - one soccer game at a time. The brave Liberians, who themselves lived through 14 years of brutal civil war, are rising up a new generation of children to not repeat the same mistakes. (22m, USA, Liberia)

Pauline - dir. Zachary Kline*
Filmed entirely on LBI, Pauline is the story of two lonely lives intersecting and connecting. Evan, a video game repair woman, and Nate, a video game enthusiast, embark on a day long journey of learning what it means to look away from the screen and into the eyes of a new friend. (11m, USA)

The Rat Slayer of Hillside, NJ - dir. Andrew Keogh Ruotolo*
The charge: murder. The setting: Hillside, NJ '94. The accused: Frank Balun. The weapon: a broomstick. The victim: a rat?! Combining present day interviews and archival news footage, The Rat Slayer of Hillside NJ tells the dramatic story of Frank Balun and Lee Bernstein and the case that pitted them against each other and would eventually come to define their personal legacies. (17m, USA)

Return - dir. Joshua Paige*
A man wakes up in his home to find his wife and child missing. He tries to put together the pieces of what is happening, and upon greater inspection, it appears the world he is living in is not what it seems. (4m, USA)

Runaway Overture - dir. Adam Grannick*
Inspired by the Overture to Tannhäuser and shot without dialogue, Runaway Overture tells the story of an orphaned young painter who leaves home for the last time, willing to brave all obstacles for an opportunity in New York City. At the same time, it also tells the story of an aging painter who struggles to let go of his dreams of becoming a great artist and renew his relationship with his estranged daughter. (18m, USA)

Scales - dir. Morgane Becerril*
Childish pregnant Nora fights her father-like husband in order to take responsibility after they cause a car accident on Halloween night. (15m, USA)

Simpler Times - dir. Steve Monarque*
Harry (Jerry Stiller), a recently widowed man in his golden years, finds himself trapped in the world of modern technology when all he wants is the newspaper. This family comedy also features a special guest appearance by the other half of legendary comedy duo Stiller & Meara, Anne Meara. (33m, USA)

Stag - dir. Kevin Newbury*
In the summer of 1963, fifteen-year-old tomboy Francesca investigates the mysterious comings and goings in her father's basement. In a bold move, she hides out there one Friday night. What she witnesses will change her vision forever. (14m, USA)

Tobacco Burn - dir. Justin Liberman*
Decades before the Civil War, the actions of a brutal overseer spark the fire of revolution on a Southern tobacco farm. Tobacco Burn chronicles true events and creates a portrait of man's different understanding towards violence. (18m, USA)

Tom In America - dir. Flavio Alves*
For 50 years, Michael (Academy Award nominee Burt Young) and Betty (Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland) have been united by one guiding principle: no secrets. But when a provocative Tom of Finland doll triggers Michael's long-buried desires, Betty discovers that secrets have been part of their life all along. (17m, USA)

The Unbelievers - dir. Rachel Carey*
Suppressed feelings emerge when a young woman looking for an apartment gets help from her old college friend. (15m, USA)

The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow - dir. Timothy Bradley*
The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow showcases five acclaimed singer-songwriters hailing from Western Massachusetts and their four-day roadshow throughout the Commonwealth, revealing its true warmth and beauty and showing music's powerful effect on our shared experiences. (22m, USA)

Winter's Hold - dir. Ian Voglesong*
A young farmer in self imposed isolation must come to grips with a personal tragedy or be consumed by it. (9m, USA)

Wrinkled Lines and Long Strokes - dir. Leroy Farrell*
A short experimental documentary examining an elderly man's relationship with art as he recovers from a crippling stroke. (4m, USA)

The Lighthouse International Film Festival was founded in 2008 by a collection of filmmakers, film critics and film industry professionals who share a passion for film and wanted to create an event aimed first and foremost at film enthusiasts. Taking place on Long Beach Island, NJ -- one of the East Coast's most popular surfing destinations -- the festival celebrates three days of new, exciting and challenging films in honor of Long Beach Island's historic Barnegat Lighthouse

Our Mission and Objective
The Lighthouse International Film Festival is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to showcasing new and innovative films and fostering the next generation of filmmakers. The festival offers three days of films, panels, Q&A's, networking, parties and surfing, and draws some of the industry's top film critics, producers and distributors. The festival also seeks to serve the community by presenting unique programs that inspire, engage and challenge a diverse audience through the art of film.

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