What's New For Our 8th Annual Lighthouse International Film Festival June 9-12- 2016

Long Beach Island, NJ- May 21, 2016

The 2016- 8th Annual film festival will be bring very exciting new films to L.B.I. We will have 25 feature films including our Opening Night Film, Narrative Centerpiece Film, Documentary Centerpiece Film, and Closing Night Film will include Narrative Competition Films, Documentary Competition Films,Spotlight Films, Shorts, and student films to encourage young creative filmmakers. With over 70 films being shown in our festival, LIFF 2016 will be the best one ever.

For the first time this year -LIFF 2016 has created and launched - WRITE BY THE BEACH- a women writers retreat that will bring four female filmmakers and writers to LBI to help foster their creativity for a week leading up to and including the film festival. LIFF continues to cultivate creativity and grow every year. Our Executive Director, Eric Johnson says it best!

Welcome to the 8th annual Lighthouse International Film Festival! Writing these words of welcome is always a joyous occasion, as it allows me to measure the progress the festival has made between both its most immediate edition in 2015 and from way back in 2009 at the inaugural festival, and also muse on where the festival will go. In assessing the Festival over the past year, I felt that at the ripe age of eight, the Festival has achieved many great things, but I had a nagging feeling that it's is capable of more.

As a champion of independent film, the festival succeeds tremendously. It's terrific to see the influx of LIFF alumni being in touch each year, eager to return to LBI with their new films. This year we welcome back numerous alumni, including James Choi and Judi Krant, the filmmaking team behind the inaugural LIFF 2009 Centerpiece film Made in China, returning to LIFF 2016 with Empty Space (directed by Choi, written by Krant) and Jan Vardoen, whose 2013 short film Working Stiff made its World Premiere at LIFF, and who is back this year with a feature, Autumn Fall. Serving the needs of our filmmakers, new to the festival and alumni alike, has always been a strength of LIFF. But still I found myself asking: How can we do more?

And the answer came, fittingly, from LBI itself.

Following last year's festival, one of our visiting filmmakers, on LBI for the first time, extended her stay on LBI and the island's natural beauty inspired her to the completion of her new script. In hearing this story of LBI's influence on the creative process, the idea was born.

And so it gives me great pleasure to announce WRITE BY THE BEACH, a writing retreat for female filmmakers and screenwriters. We begin this year with four writer recipients. The program is quite simple in its mission: Bring female filmmakers and writers to Long Beach Island for a week leading up to and including the festival, with no obligation except to foster their creativity on whatever project they are currently working. That's it. No deadlines, no contingencies. Write. Create. Be inspired by LBI's natural gifts, the essence of why the island is so beloved.

And as we launch this program, I think to next year, to the year following, to eight years from now when the festival will be twice its current age. I allow myself to hope that LBI, in addition to being a permanent, highly-regarded stop on the festival circuit, will be home to projects dreamed up right here, by folks stepping onto the LBI sands for the first time during one of our festivals, by homegrown filmmakers for whom the festival has always been there to encourage their pursuits.

The 2016 Festival offers a glimpse into the future. Alex Markman's feature film COLBY, shot primarily on LBI utilizes the island in all its natural beauty. The promise of the several short films shot on LBI, including JUST BENEATH THE SURFACE, FEAST ON THE BEACH, and SPACE CADET. David Kaltenbach's documentary,YESTERDAY'S FISH,TODAY'S CHALLENGES, profiles the island's past and its present, giving notice to what is possible.

There are stories on LBI, waiting to be told, waiting to be written. Let's tell them. Let's write them. Please join me in welcoming our 2016 filmmakers, our Write By the Beach recipients and celebrating this year's festival. As we do, let's continue to build the foundation of the future of film on LBI.

The Lighthouse International Film Festival was founded in 2008 by a collection of filmmakers, film critics and film industry professionals who share a passion for film and wanted to create an event aimed first and foremost at film enthusiasts. Taking place on Long Beach Island, NJ -- one of the East Coast's most popular surfing destinations -- the festival celebrates three days of new, exciting and challenging films in honor of Long Beach Island's historic Barnegat Lighthouse

Our Mission and Objective
The Lighthouse International Film Festival is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to showcasing new and innovative films and fostering the next generation of filmmakers. The festival offers three days of films, panels, Q&A's, networking, parties and surfing, and draws some of the industry's top film critics, producers and distributors. The festival also seeks to serve the community by presenting unique programs that inspire, engage and challenge a diverse audience through the art of film.

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