2016 Lighthouse International Film Festival Proudly Introducing Our Headliners
We Are Ready for an Awesome Festival!

Long Beach Island, NJ- May 23, 2016

Come to see them and all the cutting-edge documentaries, madcap comedies, unforgettable narratives, super shorts, award-winning films,and Q&As with filmmakers- all at the 8th Annual Lighthouse International Film Festival. LIFF brings a 4 day cinematic experience to the Jersey Shore. June 9-12th. We will have over 70 movies this year. There is something for everyone.

Visit our website -"Festival" tab for schedule, trailers, special events and more. All Access Passes and movie tickets can be purchased on-line today. The LIFF is a wonderful place to see interesting movies and the only place on the island to engage with the film-makers about their process and have them answer your questions. Be Inspired, Be Informed, Be Entertained! Be There!

LIFF Headliners for 2016 Lighthouse International Film Festival

Kirsten Johnson 2016
Categories: Headliner, Opening Night Film
Thursday 7:00PM- June 9th at The Foundation for the Arts and Sciences
The breakout documentary from the Sundance Film Festival, the film asks the question: what does it mean to film another person? How does it affect that person"and what does it do to the one who films? Kirsten Johnson is one of the most notable cinematographers working in documentary cinema today, having shot Citizenfour, Happy Valley, The Oath, The Invisible War, and dozens of other essential documentaries. With her visually radical memoir CAMERAPERSON Johnson presents an extraordinary and deeply poetic film of her own, drawing on the remarkable and varied footage that she has shot and reframing it in ways that illuminate moments and situations that have personally affected her. What emerges is an elegant meditation on the relationship between story-telling and the camera frame, as Johnson transforms scenes that have been presented in so many other directors" films as one reflection of truth into another kind of story"one about personal journey, craft, and direct human connection, filled with all of life"s emotions.(101m,USA)
**Expected to attend: Director Kirsten Johnson-

Women Who Kill
Ingrid Jungermann 2016
Categories: Headliner, Narrative Centerpiece Film
Friday:6:00 PM -Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences
NJ Premiere. Winner of Best Screenplay at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, director Ingrid Jungermann builds on the promise of her two acclaimed web series with her feature film debut, in which she also stars. The film Women Who Kill, expertly tells the story of Morgan and ex-girlfriend Jean, locally famous podcasters, who suspect Morgan"s new love interest may be a murderer. Commitment-phobe Morgan looks inward and outward as she tries to unravel the mystery " is she just the world"s biggest commitment-phobe, or is her girlfriend really a cold-blooded killer? Both tremendously funny and a tense murder-mystery, Ingrid Jungermann announces herself as one of the most exciting directors of recent years, with a film Indiewire calls "The Best Lesbian Horror-Comedy Ever". (93m,USA)
**Expected to attend: Director/Star Ingrid Jungermann, Star Ann Carr.

Chronicle of a Summer in Europe
Kristian Kiehling 2016
Categories: Headliner-WORLD PREMIERE-Documentary Centerpiece Film.
Saturday: 5:45 -Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences
A stunning, first person portrait of the greatest migrant crisis the world has ever known, CHRONCLE OF A SUMMER IN EUROPEshows the difficulties that refugees, government and humanitarian volunteers alike all face in wake of unprecedented events. Director Kristian Kiehling spent the summer of 2015 traveling the refugee route from Malta and the Mediterranean Sea to England, alongside those displaced by war, economic despair and he brings to the screen a story of humans hoping for a better life, as well as the innumerable frustrations they encounter and dangers they face. Featuring stunning images, vital reporting and incredibly important interviews with the migrants themselves, Kiehling documents a tremendously complex set of stories, sometimes at odds with what is being reported, but always human. A tremendously important film, skillfully put together in a manner, it is a story that will move and incite you to action.(77m,Germany)
**Expected to attend: Director Kristian Kiehling, Editor Eric Pforr, Composer Maurizio Curcio. Official

The Last Laugh
Ferne Pearlstein 2016
Categories: Closing Night Film, Headliner
Sunday:4:00 PM -Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences
NJ Premiere. Can humor and the Holocaust ever co-exist? Ferne Pearlstein"s hilarious, insightful and uplifting documentary asks this question and puts this question to both Holocaust survivors and some of the biggest names in comedy. Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Gilbert Gottfried and Rob Reiner (among a score of world-class comedians) weigh in with their opinions, and the film follows survivor Renee Firestone as she too debates what can and cannot be said in a society that prizes itself on free speech. The Last Laugh pulls that most difficult of cinematic feats " to have you doubled over in laughter one minute, and deep in contemplation on serious social issues the next and it fully shows off a director working with vision, skill and an understanding of how to present vastly complex issues in an enormously engaging and intelligent way. (88m,USA)
**Expected to attend: Director Ferne Pearlstein, Producer Robert Edwards.

All Access Passholders includes pass to All Films,Filmmakers' Breakfasts, and Nightly Parties to mix & mingle with the filmmakers. 2016 Lighthouse International Film Festival will present- One World Premier-20 New Jersey Premiers and a Special Retrospective Screening! With 25 Feature Length films, and over 45 shorts- there is something for everyone! Everything is online: and ready for you! Individual movie tickets can be bought online as well. Be Inspired, Be Informed, Be Entertained, Be There!

The Lighthouse International Film Festival was founded in 2008 by a collection of filmmakers, film critics and film industry professionals who share a passion for film and wanted to create an event aimed first and foremost at film enthusiasts. Taking place on Long Beach Island, NJ -- one of the East Coast's most popular surfing destinations -- the festival celebrates three days of new, exciting and challenging films in honor of Long Beach Island's historic Barnegat Lighthouse

Our Mission and Objective
The Lighthouse International Film Festival is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to showcasing new and innovative films and fostering the next generation of filmmakers. The festival offers three days of films, panels, Q&A's, networking, parties and surfing, and draws some of the industry's top film critics, producers and distributors. The festival also seeks to serve the community by presenting unique programs that inspire, engage and challenge a diverse audience through the art of film.

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