LIFF 2018 is Thrilled to Announce New Genre- Storyteller's Episodic Content!
Long Beach Island, New Jersey -May 28,2018- Lighthouse International Film Festival 2018 is thrilled to introduce a new cinema genre — STORYTELLERS Episodic Content — to the LIFF 2018 line-up. With its introduction, we aim to expand upon our original LIFF mission statement to discover and support the next generation of filmmakers by recognizing that there are stories that demand to be told in formats and styles that are not classic filmmaking, and are more dynamic, funny and thrilling for choosing to go this route. The story is narrated through episodes or similar installments such as a serial, much like a soap opera. The story can take different forks according to the perspectives of the character's narrative. Whether television pilots, episodic content or web series, as you will see in this section, there is a fabulous array of talent waiting to show you that these particular tales are equally worthy of your time, and that its creators are indeed Storytellers working in peak form. Here is a list of our Storytellers for your enjoyment!

LIFF 2018 Storytellers Synopses

Adventure Capital
Co-Dir. Everett Glovier & Zach Myers, 22m, USA.
A disgraced Wall Street analyst exploits a group of self-proclaimed nerds for his own profit.

Benefits with Friends
Dir. Shaina Feinberg, 12m, USA.
When Wendy gets diagnosed with cancer, her friend Tina saves the day by agreeing to marry her so Wendy can use her health insurance. Wendy"s best friend and avant-garde modern dance partner, Jillian, tries to support their decision but can"t help feeling like a third wheel. Can these three friends survive the cosmic joke of "until death do us apart", or will the inanities of healthcare regulation finally be their wrecking ball?

The Big Nothing
Co-Dir. Lucy Campbell & Peter Ninos, 24m (3 episodes), Australia.
When the captain of an isolated mining station near Saturn is murdered, Detective Lennox is sent to interrogate the three remaining crew members, quickly discovering that everyone has a motive. With otherworldly threats approaching and the killer amongst them, the situation quickly devolves into a race for survival. The isolated crew members on the LEE mining station are being investigated for their Captain's murder. What does it take to kill?

First World Problems
Dir. X. Dean Lim, 10m, USA.
In the absence of real problems, Harold realizes his family members are at risk of becoming apathetic douchebags. To save them from the brink, he alienates them all to prove they"re more than Amazon, Audi, and Apple Pay.

From Jappan
Dir. Raj Trivedi, 8m, USA.
Jappan Mehta, a young Indian-American man, moves in with his non-Indian girlfriend. His mother is in complete denial of their relationship, sparking flashbacks to his childhood as 12-year-old Jappan navigates his American life beside his very traditional Indian parents.

Hold To Your Best Self
Dir. Emily Hagins, 12m, USA.
Over the course of prom night, six seniors are confronted with big questions concerning identity, relationships, self-esteem, and their future. With high school coming to an end, life"s expectations are fundamentally challenged by looming "adulthood".

Keep Me Posted
Dir. Hillary Nussbaum, 21m, USA.
Childhood friends Ali, Becca, and Kavita are super close... with their cell phones. A comedic and biting look at the impact of texting and social media on our closest relationships, told through the lives of three friends trying to grow up without growing apart.

Lost Kings
Dir. Terrance Smalls, Jr., 10m (2 episodes), USA.
In Baltimore, Max, a dirt bike rider, seeks vengeance following the murder of her brother and in the process uncovers a conspiracy involving illicit drugs and crooked cops.

Dir. Jesse R. Tendler, 8m, USA.
After a mysterious incident, four quirky women are forced into court mandated therapy. Despite their initial resistance to this flimsy ruse created by the police to gather intel, therapy might wind up changing all of their lives for the better.

Dir. Arnon Manor, 12m (4 episodes), USA.
Kelly is trying to figure out her life in Los Angeles - her work, her relationships, her sex life. No matter how hard she tries, her mundane, everyday interactions end awkwardly for her. For Kelly, every day feels like a Monday.

One Eye Small
Dir. Jane Stiles, 9m, USA.
Two female strangers become affectionate friends over the course of a frenetic evening in NYC.

Dir. Don Downie, 16m (3 episodes), USA.
Mel, a millennial burnout, starts a princess party company in order to gain access to the wallets, liquor shelves, and medicine cabinets of New York City's most elite parents. Along with her wide-eyed sidekick, she robs unsuspecting mothers blind from Park Slope to Park Avenue, all without ever taking off her wig or tiara.

Dir. Milena Govich, 15m, USA.
A young woman in a desperate situation averts authorities by claiming to be a girl who disappeared years ago as a child. But when the missing girl"s family welcomes the impostor home, she"s forced to keep the deception alive or face the consequences.

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